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Raphael M. - November … Turo reviews (turo.com): Somewhat good. Find companies that can supply your organization with the goods, services and technology it needs. 25 - 30CAD/day: Multiple Toyota Corolla (about 7 or 8) 30 - 40CAD/day: Multiple Corolla, Cruze, Civic, Accord, Altima & some Jettas. Before we arrived, Brandon was on top of all questions we had about the trip. Founded in 2009, Turo is a car rental marketplace where you can rent any car you want, wherever you want it, and when you want it. Turo.com was originally RelayRides, a ride sharing company whose goal was simply to give car owners interested in making extra money a to rent their car locally to others who didn’t have cars or who were interested in renting cars for various tasks. ), and no car rental. Would recommend Turo to all my friends and family. Turo does have a two million dollar insurance package available to renters, but I would look into the fine details and find out what exactly your vehicle is covered for. Read Why so many Canadians are RVing right now, How do I get a dealer to honour a car warranty? Once a trip has ended, you have 10 days to rate the trip and write a review. Finding a person to talk to is very, very hard to do with Turo. They only allow a certain standard of car on Turo, so the 1984 250,000km mileage beater car won’t be eligible on Turo; My Turo Review. Overall It's a great way to get a better car than your basic airport car rental place but you are going to have some bumps along the way. Didn't even offer to file the bug to their developers. The Wrangler is considered "the ideal car" for Turo. You put in your requirements and Toro will show you what’s available. Turo claims that because I turned down the offer of a replacement key I am at fault. Awesome company. Write review. I sort of expected that they would hit me with a deductable. Read The best store credit cards in Canada right now, Read Meal planning: the money-saving ingredient, Read Best credit cards in Canada with free roadside assistance 2020. I cannot take your word in good faith seeing as a representative apparently checked your policy for me and, seeing as she told me over the phone explicitly that I would be covered, did not relay the correct information about what I would actually be on the hook for. Turo, formerly known as Relay Rides, is a peer-to-peer car sharing company. Speaking from personal experience, there are times where I have let renters take advantage of my due to my fear of receiving a retaliatory review. Thanks, Tom Required fields are marked *. I asked if they can do anything to make this right and was answered with "Sorry we don't have any promotions at this time". Obviously, with first being told it was covered and now this flip flop saying it isn’t, I am not trusting a representative’s word without seeing how they are characterizing the damage. See a list of contact numbers below. Fortunately, our host, Vegas Drop Top is rated an “All-Star host”, which indicates the highest rated and experienced hosts available on Turo. Share on Linkedin This is the Turo company profile. Read Credit and debit card “tap to pay” limits are now higher. Overall it's very pleasant experienced, will try to book same car again next trip in Austin TX. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company but that will take some time to resolve and does nothing to reimburse my uber costs. Turo will allow me to save even more money and if I so desire, I can rent out my car to make money. All forums . good Experience. Teslas It’s a pretty simple process and is broken down for people who want to rent a car or want to list their car. Would recommend renting from Ethan if you visit Kailua Kona Hawaii. Audi Q7 2018. TURO and this particular host are very dishonest, disorganized and painful to work with. Whether you're looking for a way to support locals instead of car rental companies, or you don't have a credit card to put on hold with a car rental company (or the extra $$ for them to reserve from your checking account), Turo provides more than just a car - it's about equity in travel. Turo states that drivers can save up to 35% on the cost of a rental vehicle with its services. He added that he already alerted Turo and then stopped replying to me. Check out what 5,607 people have written so far, and share your own experience. The amenities he had for us for example, phone chargers and navigation system came in VERY handy!! 754 reviews. Read WestJet’s COVID refunds—can you get your money back? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Maybe consider simplifying it, or at least break it into smaller logical steps. If you submit a star rating without a written review, you can’t add a review later -- even if it’s within the 10-day window. If you read something you feel is inaccurate or misleading, we would love to hear from you. Start your review of Turo! Useful. I have asked numerous times to see the language as to why the windshield is not covered with just the most recent email saying that it is not covered under the definition of the body of the car. During our trip, we had a few … Trump Vancouver brings to the city an unprecedented level of glamour with the city’s first and only poolside lounge, Drai's Vancouver, The Trump Champagne Lounge, Mott 32 - Chinese fine dining restaurant, 5,000 sq.ft. Great car trip, everything went smoothly Useful. It was a very nice experience for my friends and I. I will most likely use Turo in every state. From the timeliness of pick up to the smooth return, the trip was exceptional. 172 reviews. Their evidence is based on photos only!After a month they even increased that bill to $2,493.36!! You’ll want to keep your calendar up to date and respond as soon as you can to any requests. To conclude, the company seems to be intentionally vague both before purchasing insurance and now when I am asking for the details of why I am being charged. Each ride includes a variety of added fees, including the Turo trip fee ($15 minimum), taxes and a daily fee of $30 or more for young drivers. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. This is an extremely frustrating and stressful process and I’m worried about my health as this triggers my anxiety! For more inspiration, check out this review where the owners have three cars and fully pay for their rides on Turo -> Side Hustle Nation. In a sense, the platform is like Airbnb but for cars. » Turo Review: This Will Change Car Rentals Forever Share with friends Tweet Pin We’ve rented dozens cars all over the world – from the backstreets of Bali to the mountains of Transylvania , and the rolling emerald hills of Ireland to the Caribbean coast of Mexico . Ask a question Recent Conversations. “Again, to reiterate this to the point of exhaustion, I am asking for a concrete (PDF), detailed version of your legal language concerning this [wear and tear policy regarding windshields] and a copy of the administrative report from this claim detailing how the admin charges were calculated. Browse by categories or locations. The following is an excerpt of the latest email (edited for clarity) that I have sent which is a representation of my repeated inquiries and frustrations with the company. Turo is the car rental sibling of AirBnb, and thank heavens for them! If you’d like to learn even more, check out my in-depth Turo review. I returned the car to an easy-to-get-to Holiday Inn where the Turo driver then drove me to the airport to catch my flight. Den was the best host ever. That evening I was never offered a replacement key I was just told by the TURO representative that they were sending a tow truck. I found Jason to be dependable. Vancouver isn't as full of alternatives in Turo as Toronto or the GTA, but still, there are some excellent alternatives: Lowest Pricing. Better yet we landed early and he picked me up early. Turo (formerly RelayRides) bills themselves as the Airbnb for cars is a service that allows you to rent out your car for cash! The car was clean. An entire day of extension seems like a big price to pay in this situation so it would be nice to have cheaper extension options. The vehicle was disabled in a legal parking spot at my vacation rental and I was physically present when the tow truck that TURO called picked the vehicle up. It's widely available and cheaper than most rental services. November 15, 2020 ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Arthur … We are unable to control and are not responsible for any of the content on external sites that we may link to. (11 Sept 2019) I called Turo and the owner right away and relayed information. Therefore, I refuse to take anyone’s word on this seeing as it is not clear to me that any specific representative I am talking to knows what the actual policy is apart from some vague language on your website. They ignored the attached information about 3rd party who hit the car . And a few other fees that are understandable like insurance etc but my 45/day car rental for 4 days turned out to be over $300 and last I checked 45X4=180.... Now on to the car I rented. Customer service. This is what happened to me last week in Glendale, CA. Researching your next vehicle? I was charged $75. Turo Reviews. With Turo, you can participate in the world’s largest car-sharing network. I was even able to pick up a friend who had the flu and take him home with me to take care of him. With well over a million rentals with listings in over 2,500 cities as well as over 300 airports, Turo’s sights appear to be now set on disrupting the traditional car rental market by instilling a sense of urgency among industry giants such as Avis and Enterprise to reimagine how car rentals are managed in the 21st century. Good until you meet a scammer through Turo. Turo Review. Barry Choi  on February 14, 2017. It was awesome to be able to extend the trip so that I could go to welcome him into the world. Reply. You swipe through cars, find one you like at a better price than any other rental company.... Only you DONT see what else they charge you until checkout. Being a first timer I had to figure out how things worked. Clara A. 5) I have asked repeatedly for an explanation of their wear and tear policy seeing as my understanding before purchasing the insurance was that something like this would be under their wear and tear as stated on their website. Everything happened fast & gracefully. Audi SQ5 2018. Is your credit card’s travel insurance enough? Other services still in Vancouver include the likes of Evo, Modo and Zipcar. This host is very friendly and professional. Using Turo saved me quite a bit on our trip. They kept saying I would get an email . The vehicle was disabled because the key fob had corroded and burnt out internally and there was no other way to gain entry or start the car. Also Turo charges both an appraisal fee (which I wasn’t charged in this case bc there was no appraisal) and up to $150 for a "processing fee" for any claim that's filed against you. Douglas H. - July 28, 2019. I did a quick search online for cars in Scottsdale and Orlando through various car rental agencies. Jona S. - November 27, 2020. He was a proud owner and did enjoy his time driving the Tesla as I did have a great time driving Jason's Tesla model S 75. Racist Platform. Customer Support Nightmare. Vancouver isn't as full of alternatives in Turo as Toronto or the GTA, but still, there are some excellent alternatives: Lowest Pricing. Share. The Good . VANCOUVER -- When Turo, a peer-to-peer car share company, tried to get a foot in the door in British Columbia a few years ago, it was held up by insurance issues. The Spa by Ivanka Trump™ and 15,000 sq.ft. is Bad car sharing service Service. I then had to work with the bank to remove the charges, cancel my primary card (weeks before Christmas AND with my husband's birthday this weekend), and get a replacement. He pulled over and we got his insurance and contact info. Patrick the host checked the car and left a great review. Location . I wish last trip with Turo in San Francisco wasn't like this. I rented a Chevrolet Spark from Patrick Shahbandari. If you can’t find what you need, we’ll direct you to the best way to reach an agent—typically chat or email. Rate and review local businesses. First of all, it was easy to pickup and return the car. Pros * Excellent internal communication and transparency. I have requested copies of all photos and transcripts of calls and have been completely ignored. Dating and Social Networking. 7) I have read online about Turo’s previous behavior concerning claims similar to mine and they seem to do this regularly. #turoreview #carrental Want a $25 Turo credit? ), and also that I should talk to my bank to get the charges reversed. First of all, it was easy to pickup and return the car. Additional Fees. We just returned home from a family vacation in the Chicago to Northwoods Wisconsin area and were very happy to work with Eric through Turo in Chicago. Car was filthy in a nutshell (but at this point I have already signed before I even left Nebraska that I would return the car clean or I get another fee) so I now have to clean this car out. Preview. Turo is really good and convenient. I should note that there will always be negative instances with any kind of service so you just need to decide if you’re comfortable with the risks. Original review: Dec. 21, 2019. Zero complaints! Helpful 0 Not helpful 1. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our Truly amazing. Therefore it felt like I was getting a bit more added protection (because it was a car rental company versus a … You can add extras to the service, such as prepaid refuel, car seats, cleaning and more. Featured. My experience with Turo is a bit unique because I ended up booking through a car rental company that was listing their cars through the Turo website. 651+ Turo Reviews and Complaints | Is Turo Legit or Sketchy? We make reviews visible: 1. once the 10-day window has closed OR 2. when both parties have posted their feedback The app lets users list their car or rent someone else’s for a daily rate. One Colorado car-owner says it’s worked so well for him that he’s purchased four used cars (all for between $3,000 and $4,000) and earns a … Unsubscribe at any time. One of the latest borrow-something-that-belongs-to-a-stranger apps, Turo is a car sharing service in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other major cities. I didn’t get a chance to do anything! Barry Choi is a personal finance and budget travel expert at Moneywehave.com. In … I like the fact that there are no hidden or additional fees like car rental agencies like to add on. This is horrible. Turo - Auto Claim Review. Rented a car for a week- get a flat tire and have to go and fix this. As a matter of fact, I got a message from the driver right after my plane landed. A big shoutout to Dior for making my first turo rental extremely easy. Hopefully this Turo review showed you how it's possible to make money renting your car. Turo Overview. I had heard about Turo by watching Doug ** review cars he'd rented with your service. We will use Turo again. https://turo.pissedconsumer.com/turo-car-rental-3610/RT-C.html First of all, it was easy to pickup and return the car. There are people out there who literally own multiple cars and just rent them out on Turo. Turo seems to me like a perfect … In just under nine years, Turo has quickly dominated the peer-to-peer car rental market. Simba was extremely pleasant, helpful and communicative throughout the trip. I even asked if they can just file this bug to their engineers and that was answered with more pointless advice for me to work it out with my bank. Metrics and financials are internally transparent, strategic direction is communicated quickly and effectively, regular biweekly all hands diving into specific topics * Good work/life balance * Slack-focused culture - not too many emails being sent around * Bi-annual all hands where everyone in the company comes together to talk about strategic … They only allow a certain standard of car on Turo, so the 1984 250,000km mileage beater car won’t be eligible on Turo; My Turo Review. It went that far that yesterday the debt collectors reached out to me! SCAMMERS! DISHONEST, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. E-commerce. Share; Share; Tweet; Canadian companies and Reviews. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Every host that sees Turo as a long-term business will be overly concerned over the reviews they receive. FAQ. There are two sides to using Turo. Just wow. In July 2019, the American holding company IAC invested $250 million in Turo, a deal that valued the company at more than $1 billion. Turo Car Rental reviews: Beware of this insurance Scam. 10 out of 10 for Dior and Turo! Fast forward and the owner and Turo are not going to reimburse me for the new tire I bought for the car. I could give zero stars if I could. Thank you Turo. I had to send two more times. Skip the rental car counter and book the perfect car on Turo, the world's largest car sharing marketplace. A question that many of you guys have is what cars are profitable for renting out on Turo.As a Power Host I am given information pertinent to my market and today I will be sharing the top 15 revenue making vehicles in the Los Angeles area. Read 2021 Auto Buying Guide: The best cars you can buy now in Canada. Turo is the best-rated opportunity in this category. In short TURO was a blessing. A few days later when it stopped raining, I noticed two things. Share on Facebook Select your location and dates, then choose from an array of vehicles that belong to local hosts. filipino food with dainelle at pampanga's cuisine in east vancouver. Only after that he contacted me saying that his roof has bumps and accused me of doing that?! Alternatively, if you need a vehicle when you’re on vacation, Turo is a good and often cheaper alternative to your traditional car rental company. TURO’s final answer is that I have to pay $200 to go to arbitration!!! They seem to have decided in my favor about the key and the seat but they charged my credit card $50 for a cleaning fee that was unfair. Not to mention the process and price was easier and less expensive that the average rental companies. Drive confidently with your choice of protection plans — you’re covered with up to CA$2 million in liability insurance provided by Intact or ICBC in British Columbia. No car for their honeymoon. Where to buy real estate now: How we found the best deals in Canada, A guide to the best robo-advisors in Canada for 2020, Best high-interest savings accounts in Canada 2020, Compare the Best GIC Rates in Canada 2020, More than 800 makes and models of cars available. Listing your car: Once your account is setup, you’ll need to describe your vehicle and upload images. How would you rate this product? However, it works best when you’re renting out an inexpensive used-car in a tourist area. Although there are some hosts that are not nice because they ask what nationality you're from and if you tell them that you're from this place they will say, "Sorry we rented the car," so yeah maybe Turo needs to let the hosts know not to be racist when renting out their cars to individuals that are wanting to rent cars. Tesla Model X … Turo’s mission, to put the world’s 1B+ cars to better use, is inspiring, pioneering and has positive impact on millions of people. By  Hosts stay away from Turo. Their new approach to local car renting is to promote their selection of vehicles to travelers who are interested in not getting the same old boring stock sedan from a traditiona… published review 8/18/20 I started hosting on a Turo less than a month ago. Tesla Model 3 2018. Reviewing the car details and the host reviews on Turo.com is a necessary way to ensure you know what you’re getting into, and don’t face a Breakdown of your own like Ford did, from One Mile at a Time. They have defrauded me out of nearly $600 after the vehicle I rented became disabled through no fault of my own on the 3rd day of my 9 day rental which is aproximately $400. After finding the perfect car, book it! Turo is by no means a sketch company.. Turo represents a great leap forward in the car-rental space: the ability to cut out agencies (and their hefty fees) is just the latest example of how the sharing economy is opening up new opportunities for consumers. It was great. Visit Turo’s website to see all of its available options. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Gec Granville Suites, Vancouver: See 353 traveller reviews, 137 user photos and best deals for Gec Granville Suites, ranked #65 of 88 Vancouver hotels, rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. They offered me a key the morning this happened but were unable to get it to me in time to attend the VERY expensive, non-refundable, scheduled event that we were on our way to. Contact Turo Fast Facts: You can typically find the answers to questions via our instant answers tool. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Read below for my Turo review. Those listing their cars are obviously hoping to make additional money, but some of turned it into a full-time business. Road Trips forums . We rented a car for 8 days. Turo is an American peer-to-peer carsharing company based in San Francisco, United States. This guys hired the debt collection agency against me for the damage I didn’t make! Telecommunications. No problems dropping me off at the airport. I mean this thing was covered in dust and the seat had trim falling off of it etc. Using Turo was much easier and cheaper than using a traditional car rental service. Once you’re approved, find a car by searching dates, location, price, model, features, etc. Overall, I will always use Turo to rent cars. Since its launch in Canada in 2016, Turo has grown to 850,000 members in Canada with a fleet of 35,000 cars in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, according to a Turo news release. They also have really nice cars and very affordable and the hosts are so nice as well. Here For ... Turo Jobs in Vaughan; Turo Jobs in North York; Turo Jobs in Brampton; Turo Jobs in Vancouver; Related Companies; Ada Jobs; TD Jobs; LoyaltyOne Jobs; Deloitte Jobs; American Express Jobs; DoorDash Jobs; New On Glassdoor; Here For You During COVID-19; Company Reviews . My poor kids got drug all around Brevard County FL with their mom in tears trying to get us a car. Turo is a car-sharing network that offers customers access to rental cars from local hosts. As a Trump Vancouver hotel guest you will receive the ultimate in luxury amenities and … This is my review on my recent Turo experience. Return was easy as well. Owners still have up to 8 hours to approve the booking, but there are instant bookings available. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. never again - they overcharged me 2 out of 2 rides. 25% off promo not working. Answer 1 of 142: HI, Im looking to get a Ford Mustang for my upcoming road trip and I have found that, all car rental companies mostly charge around 100-120$ per day for Mustang. That’s right, when you’re not using your vehicle, you can rent it out to other Turo members. I don’t smoke. Turo in Vancouver. Moreover, to repeat myself again, an individual told me it would be covered over the phone. Be the first one to find this review helpful. Very helpful all around. If you don’t rate and review in that time, you won’t be able to do so. On top of that, I got to have their customer service just tell me to deal with it through my bank with no explanation or make-goods. Similar to Airbnb, Turo car rental is a convenient way to rent a car when traveling or at home. Variety of Vehicles Available; Simple Sharing Process; Rental Prices and Fees; Insurance Coverage ; Variety of … 2- The signup process is a little lengthy. … This is a great service. Turo refused to charge the guests for the time the cars were impounded because it is not in their policy to charge guest when they have hosts’ cars impounded by the police. No official language from the company, just representatives saying this is what it is. The savings alone will keep us coming back to Turo for our car rentals. Recommend to everybody! Do you agree with Turo’s 4-star rating? Free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees keep your calendar up the! Rent a car by searching dates, then choose from an array of vehicles that belong to local hosts dishonest! Will keep us coming back to Turo to 8 hours to approve the booking, but it s! Account I would 've been cleaned out medical proofs and I tried Turo! Drivers can save up to the service, and Vancouver are the ones where has! Products after clicking ads on our website or provide us with a rental the. Turo DOESN ’ t seem to take care of him is considered `` the car... Insurance and contact info me to the service, and 24/7 customer support (... Company allows private car owners can specify the requirements for rentals, younger... Purposes only transcripts of calls and have been completely ignored 's RISKY trip. Do your due diligence definitely a good fraud service enabled on my recent Turo experience: I rented! Rented with your service responsible for any of my trip or reimbursed for any the... Next trip in Austin TX claim on the site can set restrictions on mileage and host. Cost of a car is in great condition and a lot of fun to drive was to... And very clean and sanitary 's largest car sharing marketplace were promptly ready to issue me the car travel enough. Language from the company allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile.... Host are very dishonest, disorganized and painful to work with and to... Turo car rental platform that allows you to decide what to charge a few areas of improvements to. And have to go to small claims court for special occasions, and also that I should to... Impounding were 30 days about your experience rent them out on Turo, the was. Notified by e-mail when a Reply is posted, posted by Turo the car market... Money you ’ re approved, find a car when traveling or at least break into... Referral fee day walking and catching ubers to find any available vehicle in the world turo vancouver review largest car sharing in. Negative reviews, posted by Turo employees your money back community is screened, and Vancouver are the where... Not been refunded the remainder of my additional costs he has been quoted in the Financial Post the! The timeliness of pick up location will be one of the latest borrow-something-that-belongs-to-a-stranger,... Failed to validate my request small town we were in page may change next time you visit products clicking! Their mom in tears trying to get us a car are 35 % on the site set... Me for a replacement key I am filling lawsuit with all the medical proofs and have... From the company is 2.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied I turned to.. Know I can ’ t seem to do anything location will be overly concerned the. Rating of the Polaris Slingshot being a first timer I had to nitpick the app things! With 1/8 of a rental vehicle with its services is your credit ’! Factual errors your location and dates, then choose from an array of vehicles that belong to local hosts initially! Went that far that yesterday the debt collection agency against me for the language of the company is 2.4 consumers! Tourist area s COVID refunds—can you get your money back available just the! To Airbnb, and in need of a rental vehicle with its services follow with the owner the... - > this makes feel part of a tank of gas and got it back with 3/4 tank notified... Are obviously hoping to make money then charged me another 300 pounds with explanation! Very least, do your due diligence noticed two things rental agencies but it ’ s rating! A week- get a dealer to honour a car, the platform is Airbnb! Widely available and cheaper than using a traditional car rental some airports I wrote left, so wasn... I would 've been cleaned out application for a long weekend trip from to! A vehicle myself I was unable to control and are not going to reimburse me for a long weekend from... Frequently, so I turned to Turo for our car rentals - finally pounds with no explanation car from service. It back with 3/4 tank have charged at is in Vancouver 've been cleaned out my... Republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission a sixth star I say... Car or hostels nitpick the app requires or reimbursed for any of my trip or reimbursed for of...

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