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Team Rankings. Note: Kill everything for the best zeny-making. Level 85+. Level 45+. Good for level 20+. Average per course. Obtained by Talon Cash or Donations, Chat Box Guide Installation Guide and Troubleshooting 1. Good for level 65+. Automatically. Check the Market - a Damascus without the "+5" Attribute has a worth of around 37k+, and every +1 is another 20k (~15k per Oridecon, 5k upgrade fee). Okay at level 75+ due to the Novus on the map. Good for zeny. With the remaining points fill your Agi /Dex Points you spared before. These are places suitable for level 85 til 99: Ice Dungeon - Level 2 or 3. This is my hybrid Paladin for Vanilla WOE. Alligators - 1 East from Comodo through the Thara map and through the South East exit, or even better Dungeons -> Kokomo Beach then north. Grand Peco - 2 North, 1 West from Aldebaran. To leave the respetive global chat use the command (exclamation point) "channel leave" (#channel name) for example... "!channel leave #main". Smokie - 2 East of Payon. *Note: Claymore doesn't scale based on mob size*. By xRana; November 29; Support. Steal from and kill all Blue Plants there (and the next Map to left side) to farm Blue Herbs. Best tactic is mobbing, watch out for pesky Drosera that interrupt casting. Good from level 70+. Teleport necessary. Spore - Various maps, but a good one is 1 East of Payon. It's possible to add stat points by text command "/str+ 89" "/agi+ 38" "/dex+ 99" "/int+ 9" "/luk+ 12" or "Vit+ 50" (there is a space between the + and the number). Great for Acolyte or Priest, with a good card drop from Evil Druids. They can kill too you know. Good from level 45+, and Orc Babies from 60+. Kill everything, bring lots of flywings. PROBUILDS.net is a quick guides tool for League of Legends players. Best at 85+. This is very helpful in that case. The MOBAFire community works hard to keep their LoL builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Talon build for the S11 meta. Requires an entrance quest, and you must be in a party of at least 2 people to enter the map. Juperos - Level 1 or 2 recommended for 85+. Find the best lol league of legends champs champions statistics, win rates, builds, runes, pro builds probuilds, counters, matchups, items,spells and abilities, and duos guides as roles top, jungle, mid, bot, support on ranked solo/duo/flex, aram, and normal blind/draft. Use the Talon guide on ProGuides to find Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, and Play Rate. Its again as for most quests just a question of patience. Check Talon's stats: Games Played, Pick Rate, Win Rate, and more. Not every monster on every mentioned map is listed, so here are resources: Not every dungeon, map, or monster is included in this guide, mostly the New World maps. Creamy - 2 West of Prontera. Good for soloing at 85+. Recommended level 80+. 5 Points less will be ok, remember you get 1 Flee per Base Level too. Level 2 is good for 35+. Glast Heim St. Abbey - Southern middle building in Glast Heim, or go through the South exit at the Churchyard. Metaling - 1 North of Lighthalzen is the best map. Used for any Recruitment like getting a Party/ Member or for Guild Tank recommended for lower levels, good at 40+ otherwise. Bring flywings for quick escapes if needed. You should be able to go here around 45. I recommend doing the Baby Chick Hat Quest at best you already spend some time at biblian dungeon as a thief to find some earthworms for the picky egg. All monsters on these maps have boosted exp in addition to a chance to drop Copper Coins and Bronze Coins. Welcome to the Pro Builds. Good for mobbing with Assassin, useful card drop. At around lvl 90+ Stings are a good place to hunt for accessories. Get familiar with Rate My Server or RMS how its often called. View builds, guides, stats, skill orders, runes and masteries from Pros playing Talon a Sombra da Lâmina. Stings - Warp to Glast Heim Churchyard, go through the West exit, then teleport to the top right exit. Pro Tip: If you are in an open area like Sograt Desert wherein when you look at your screen, you don't see anything you could bump into while running, you can simply Run FSK repeatedly without clicking on the ground. Well done, at this Point you're probably around Level 20-60 and think you need cash. Since 2007. All Activity; Home For example, by the most EXP. per course. It adds up to more exp per hour. Biblian Dungeon - Level 3 for Obeaunes, good for level 45+. Level 2 and 3 are both suitable for 75+. Dimensional Gorge - 1 East from Morroc, then talk to the NPC immediately inside. Thara Frog - 1 East from Comodo, in the cave. Paladins are the best tanker in the game. Obtained by Monsters at the Map of the Week, Hunting Board Quest (HBQ) (only 1 Time per Day) and by doing job change quest instead of using the Job NPC (you have to do all the Quests starting as novice! Great for mobbing. Repeatable Quest on level 2. Party recommended for level 1 and 3. Download & play today! Guides. Bring as many Meat and Fly Wings as you can carry. Sky Petites are at 2 North, 2 East from Geffen. Galions - Several maps, best is 1 South, 1 West from Ice Dungeon entrance. These will mob if they see one attacking you, watch out for Sonic Blow. Party is very much recommended for level 3. Repeatable Quest. Mi Gao - 1 South from Louyang. This map has Frilldora and the MvP Phreeoni on it, so bring flywings. Otherwise try the command "@Whobuy Blue Herb" or. (Yes, this still happens!). They tank, use Devotion, Heal, and other stuffs. Good card, though the map may be full. Great at level 75+. Asura, Sharpshooting, or a Star Gladiator are great here. These will assist just like ants. Louyang Dungeon - North West exit from Louyang, then around the "back" of the ruins in the West. Good for Hydra cards. Getting Started - A Guide for Beginners 1. Use this to make yourself another account with a character that can buff you up. These are suggestions - some may be too hard for you, and some may be too easy. Level 1 for 45+, level 2 for 60+. Anolians - 1 East from Alligators or 1 level past Stings. Sell them at the city Moscovia there are mostly enough Buying Shops for Blue Herbs. Before we get to a discussion about which class gets the easiest/fastest zeny, with the lowest investment, IT'S A ROGUE! Can be solo'ed or done with a party. These are places suitable for level 1-45: Anthell - Ant Eggs to begin with, then the various ants. We've used our extensive database of League of Legends stats along with proprietary algorithms to calculate the most optimal build for Talon. These can hit you pretty hard with Mammonite, so a tank is recommended until you can survive it. This is my hybrid Paladin for Vanilla WOE. Watch Pro Courses. This Time it will be a Merchant. They tank, use Devotion, Heal, and other stuffs. Now be careful: we want a +5 Damascus, which is worth around 140.000 zeny. All with great quests, unique instances and extensive customisations. Level 25+, also Savage Babes on this map for additional easy exp. The Rogue is mainly a Money farming Character and even if its fun to play him/her you will definitely want to try other characters soon. For example a Priest, Soullinker or Endowsage, If you're playing any class other than Thief / Rogue or a novice at the moment, make a new character and become a Thief, and try following these 2 guides: [[Zeny-Farming Rogue Guide] and [[Rogue - Leveling Guide]. If you're new and don't have an account, or have problems adding your Game Account to your Forum Account, 2. Courses. Sadly they forgot how hard a fresh from scratch was and give sometimes useless advice. Recommended 70+. Do the same for Hit, allowing up to 10 Points less than needed for maximum Hit rate. Level 3 is restricted to level 95+ non-trans and 90+ Transcendant. Are used for rental Equipment which disappear after 1 week. Great for magic and ranged, level 50+. 5190 posts. Take into account your healing items, equipment, build, and if you're solo or partying. Wolves - 2 South from Payon. Just hit the link and Read the Skill descriptions of Discount and Overcharge ! Character builds for TalonRO (Ragnarok Online Private Server) Tuesday, April 29, 2014 [VANILLA] Paladin Hybrid Build. As you already have now the basic gear of a +5 Damascus, Pantie/ Undershirt Set as well as lvl 10 discount/ overcharge on your merchant you may want to improve. Great for level 75+. Go here once you have enough hit for Myst Case, good for making zeny. Maybe use the main chat channel with @Main command to ask for a Warp. They can kill too you know. Bad job exp. After this is done you can buy your 49k zeny Damascus [1] for only 37k and sell your Loot for 24% more zeny! Our elite coaches are in the top 1% and can help you take your play to the next level. This is a cheap version of the Star Gladiator Odin 3 Leech build. Biolabs - Requires an entrance quest. Jump to:navigation, search. Build guides for Talon on ProGuides. S9 Patch 10.25.1 This map also has Peco Peco Eggs, both are good for cards. Category:Class Guides. 12+. There might be stronger ones on the same map that require more Flee / Hit. To activate or deactivate a specific channel Simply use the whisper tab and start talking and you will automatically enter the channel. Level 90+ is best. Additional help supplied by various players from TalonRO. Repeatable Quest. Watch any course. Lunatic - Highest spawn is 2 North from Prontera ( go through the Castle and WoE map ). Wind Ghosts - Southeastern building at Glast Heim ( looks like an entrance to an underground area ). Go Back to leveling at Payon Cave and put your skills in "Increase Dodge" and "Double Attack"- both should be raised to level 10 as soon as possible. Get Coaching. Watch out for Constants, as they self-destruct. Also kill the Dragontails, and watch out for Eddga though you should be able to kill him. This is how it works - you may be able to kill 5x as many of monster A with 1/3 the exp of one monster B, in the same amount of time it takes you to kill that one monster B. Recommended mobbing and killing with a Wizard. Though some of the gears here was suggested by a close friend. Great for 90+. If this is done and you have around 160+ flee and ~25 Points in Dex go to, Then use in game the command "@whosell Undershirt" and buy a cheap one (~30.000 zeny). Watch out for Gryphon. Flora - 1 East, 2 North from Prontera is the best map. We track the millions of LoL games played every day to gather champion stats, matchups, builds & summoner rankings, as well as champion stats, popularity, … Support Ticket (24392 visits to this link) Reach TalonRO's team via Support Ticket for detailed and account-sensitive questions and inquiries. Kokomo Beach - 2 East ( through Tharas ), 1 South from Comodo. Repeatable Quest. Add Strength in multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30, etc.) Good as soon as you can hit them, about level 45+. Peco Peco - 3 South from Prontera - go through the Eastern bottom warp on the second map. Cursed Abbey - 1 South of Veins, talk to the NPC at the dock in the South. Talon Build Guide for League of Legends. Biblian - Level 5. Both items have stable prices and can always be sold again for the same price or with just a little expense or selling patience. Okay at 80+. Recommended level 70+ and 65+ respectively. Manuk Field - 1 North from Manuk. Sign In. Find the best Talon build guides for League of Legends Patch 10.25. 40+. Good for Mages and Archers. Sea-Otters - 1 East from Seals. Water armor necessary for Waterball. Good for level 45+. They drop Slotted Gloves which adds 1 DEX and their Card adds 4 more DEX. Once you used the Job NPCfurther Quests give no copper coins! 85+. Account Management System 1. Umbala Dungeon - North warp at Umbala city. Porcellio - 1 South, 1 East and 2 East from Einbroch. Of course, you should to look up the dungeon or monster before you go there if you haven't been there before. Going to the Core requires a quest each time, and is recommended for 90+. If that's the case, go somewhere easier / harder respectively. Sphinx - Warper or 1 West from Morroc. Good at level 65+. Level 1 is good for soloing, level 2 is fine for mobbing, Level 3 is highly recommended for leveling with a party, but is solo-able by ME priests with instant cast. One Agi inst much but it adds up. Abyss Dungeon - Requires items to open the portal. Groves - 1 South, 1 West, 1 North from Hugel. The return hit deals 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage), and slows for 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%. Now check through the list - these are all Mobs you can hunt, that fit your preferences. Solo-able and great for zeny-farming. Level 3 recommended over level 2. 100 Talon Cash trade into 1 Talon Coin Medusa - West exit in Comodo. NOTE: the calculator while quite accurate, it is not a 100% representation of TalonRO's gameplay. Another Headgear option is the [1]Sakkat its cheap adds +1 AGI. Learn from the pros with our original courses. Great for 25+, and also for the card and Silk Robes. These are places suitable for level 45-65: Coal Mine - Level 2. Good for level 1+, does not attack unless it transforms into a Creamy. Common Shortcuts are LFP> (Looking For Party)/ LFM> (Looking For Member) Then join the Wiki and share your knowledge other People. These are places suitable for level 65-85: Goats - 2 South from Yuno. Traps or Webs recommended. I just add some basics which may you wish to be known earlier. Cornus - 1 East, 1 North from Splendide. Level 3 is good at level 65+. or LFG> (Looking For Guild) / RGM> (Recruit Guild Member) / R> (Recruiting), For everything that is Market related Buy/Sell or a Pricecheck. Find Talon builds, counters, guides, masteries, runes, skill orders, combos, pro builds, and statistics by top, jungle, mid, adc, and support in S10. Already a hundred Times? Good at level 55+. Make sure you stock up before brewing. You're right! Language. While the improvement for use with a Dagger isn't that big, you see its true potential by using a bow. Good at 85+. Hode - 2 South, 1 East of Morroc. Prontera Culvert - Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera. If you have lvl 10 double attack skilled the Hat uses lvl 10 instead of lvl 2 double attack. Demon Pungus - 1 South, 1 West, 1 North from Yuno. Watch out for Dragonfly. Ask for a Warp to Niflheim from Priests. In addition to these places, there is also the TamTam's Gift map each month. Good for level 6+. Party highly recommended. Level 2 is good for 85-90. Be careful around the Vitata until around level 30. Caramel - 2 North from Geffen, or 1 North, 1 East. It's much, much harder to level a Merchant - nowhere near as easily as a Thief. The Mud Lumps pay for the used Arrows, Fly Wings and Grape juice. It's possible to open TalonRO multiple times. Repeatable Quest. Good for 35+. Made exclusively by gaming legends. Learn more about Talon's abilities, skins, or even ask your own questions to the community! Level 60+. This map has Rockers as well. Far too many times, new players ask others in !main or around TalonRO for how to make zeny. Hello to my guide for those new to Talonro or Ragnarok itself. The Baby Chick Hat allows to use double attack lvl 2 with any weapons. All credits go to Razer for his original guide posted on the TalonRO forums. These are good for about 40+. Challenger player showing you how to play Talon in season 10. First map is Punks, good for melee level 60+. Odin's Temple - Fields 2 and 3 for parties. Parasites - 1 East from Comodo through Tharas, South exit, then North West exit at Alligators. Beliebtheit, Winrate, die besten Items und Spells. Even if some people tell you they leveled with light speed at Anubis, it doesn't mean you can. Recommended level 70+. Drops a great card, good for 35+. Note: Pinguiculas are easy and can be done at 75+. Ice Dungeon - Level 1 recommended, level 45+. Great for both base and job exp, level 90+. Recommended level 60+. Once you used the Job NPCfurther Quests give no copper coins! Live Feed. Level 2 is recommended for level 25+, level 3 for 35+. Level 4, good for mobbing. Also this is a one-handed sword build and also an affordable one. Please note: you may only register one (1) master account per person. Now you just have to level up to Job Level 40+. Choose a sorting format that fits you the most. Additional Party-Recommended, High-level Dungeons, Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera, https://wiki.talonro.com/index.php?title=Leveling_Guide&oldid=7369. Repeatable Quest. The ants will mob you if they see one of their colour attack you. Kiel Hyre Dungeon - (has two parts to the quest: Part 1 and Part 2 - Requires an entrance quest. Repeatable Quest. Watch out for Gargoyles if you can't flee or kill them. Obtained by Monsters at the Map of the Week, Hunting Board Quest (HBQ) (only 1 Time per Day) and by doing job change quest instead of using the Job NPC (you have to do all the Quests starting as novice! These answers don't really help, and the … However, this map requires high-tier gears. Good for 25+. Very nice card drops. Orc Lady - Outside Orc Dungeon. Done! Level 35+ ( or whenever you can hit them ). If you want to make a Acolyte->Priest or Mage->Sage, I suggest that you make them on a separate account. Level 1 is good for Acolytes once you get Pneuma, and level 2 is good for everyone else. Cornus are non-aggressive until you're level 99. Read more » Posted by Badong's Blog at 8:45 PM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Talon build guides - op.gg provides builds, counters, guides, masteries, runes, skill orders, combos, pro builds and statistics by top, jungle, mid, adc, support in s11, s10 - including Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, Play Rate. It is highly discouraged to base in-game purchases on results obtained through this calculator. Respawn is ~20 - 30 Minutes. Requires 5 total quests to gain access, all linked in the guide. Muka - These are located 2 South of Morroc. Best for AD Biochemist or Beast Strafe Sniper since they can 1-shot, otherwise it will fully heal itself. Ninetails - 2 South, 1 West from Payon. Best talon build and runes. Don't limit yourself to recommendations, explore, try and find new ways to play Ragnarok in your way! Minorous and Pasana are best for melee and magic, Anubis best for TU / ME or magic. 85+. Good at 55+. Good for 45+. Clock Tower - Walk straight up from the spawn in Aldebaran. Good for level 25+. common shortcuts are B> (Buy), S> (Sell), PC (Price Check). It's always worth the walk to try a new area but don't let yourself get down if you had back to the Map where you got your last 10 levels. Recommended level 75+. Find a build or guide for all champions from all roles (top, jungle, mid, bot, support). Use your Thief's Dagger and Pantie /Undershirt Combo on him/her for those few job levels. Orc Dungeon - Both levels. Write and discover new guides on some of TalonRO's most asked about topics, quests, and events. Level 3 is good for zeny but light on exp at 85+. Stalactic Golem - North exit in Comodo. Auto Guard, Defender, Shield Reflect, High HP. (Yes, this still happens!) Been there. Watch out for Osiris. The eggshells can be found withing a few hours eggyras or picky its just some patience to get the quest done. Premium Coaches Coaches. You need up to 200.000 Zeny for your first equipment (that's around ~100+ Blue Herbs, if you're starting from 0). This will give you maximum Damage and Avoidance. Character builds for TalonRO (Ragnarok Online Private Server) Sunday, April 27, 2014 [MVP/LEECH] Champion Asura Strike Build For MVPs and GJ Leecher at Morroc DG (Low-Funded) This Champion Asura Strike build is for those who want to kill MVPs and also 1 hit Incarnation of Morroc (Angel, Golem and Human). Just note that without proper equipment you have to stay longer on easy maps! Chuck Norris relies on … Also Bow weapons use DEX for damage improvement instead of STR which helps greatly since you benefit double from DEX (+ damage and +HIT chance). Great for 85+. Level 55+. Watch out for Harpies. Good at 85+. Language . This algorithm is able to determine the best summoner spells, item build order, skill order, runes reforged, rune stats, counters, and team mates. Kobold - 2 West, or 2 West 1 South from Geffen. Poporing - Several maps, use RMS to find the best for you. Argiope - Best map is 2 South from Aldebaran. There isnt much magic to farming sleepers just do the Ore Downgrading Quest and break the Great Natures to maximize the Profit. Pyramids - Warper or 1 North West from Morroc. Sunken Ship - Various monsters here, just stay on level 1. At this point a Stats point reset may be helpful. Moscovia Dungeon - Finding the Moving Island is the entrance quest. Easily mob-able. Good at level 70+. The next recommendation is the Pirate Dagger Quest it is a bit expensive with the 600.000 zeny fee but you will use it for a very long time. Note: other reports, suggestions, and technical questions belong in their respective subforums. Watch out for Atroce, but you should be able to kill him with a decent party. The Alchemist NPC is located at Pront (166, 230), or Payon (172, 176) and the Alchemist Book Shop NPC located near him. People consider Paladins a boring character. Don't listen to the late night online guys from the Main Chat. (some Monsters have different states/ drops you can look them up at the Talonro Monster Database). NEVER ask here for arties/member or item price! Welcome to the METAsrc Talon build guide. 2 West from the city is recommended for soloing at 85+. Geographers - Best map is 1 North from Einbroch.

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