is sodium phosphate in food bad for you

Trisodium phosphate in food is deemed problematic by many health experts because of the potential health risks it can cause. This somewhat sweet-tasting chemical is used in the production of polymers, anti … Trisodium phosphate is a common food additive found in cereals, sodas, dairy products and baked goods. “Sodium Phosphate,” web site;, last accessed Nov. 5, 2013. You could have more side effects. Tiny amounts are used in food to control acidity levels, and to mix oil and water as an emulsifier. “Sodium Phosphate,” MedlinePlus web site;, last accessed Nov. 5, 2013. People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) typically have to restrict and monitor their intake of phosphorus. If you get a lot of phosphate in your diet, it can cause you to absorb less iron, calcium and magnesium. J Ren Nutr. For example, sodium phosphates are often used as emulsifiers (as in processed cheese), thickening agents, and leavening agents for baked goods. The researchers made these conclusions: there’s already an abundance of phosphorus that occurs naturally in food. “Hidden Phosphorus Food Additives Dangerous to Kidney Disease Patients,” Science Daily web site, Feb. 20, 2009;, last accessed Nov. 6, 2013. Trisodium phosphate Na 3 PO 4 (trisodium orthophosphate or trisodium monophosphate or food additive E 339ii) is presently used in the USA to kill or reduce the number of bacteria, such as salmonella or campylobacter on poultry 1). 4H 2 O and Na 3 H 15 Al 2 (PO 4) 8. Food-grade sodium phosphate is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for consumption. It can also have a laxative effect, which can cause you to absorb less of other nutrients. One cup (140 grams) of roasted chicken or turkey contains … Phosphates in foods are sometimes used as a leavening agent, pressed into service to help dough rise or to keep a food from becoming too acidic or alkaline. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Heart Palpitations at Night: Common Causes and How to Treat, Essential Oils for Cough, Cold and Congestion, Sudden High Blood Pressure: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Tips, Sore Throat on One Side: 7 Causes and Treatments, Natural Remedies for the Burning Sensation in Your Stomach After Eating, Hibiscus Tea: Health Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects, and Recipes, Vegetable Oil Substitutes: 5 Healthy Alternatives for Baking, Frying, and More, How to Treat Nausea After Eating Eggs or Chicken, Diarrhea after Eating: Causes and Natural Treatments, Top 11 Homeopathic Remedies for High Blood Pressure, Heavy Breathing: Common Causes and Treatments, Pineapple Juice for Cough: Effective Homemade Cough Remedies, Pain in the Left Temple of the Head: 10 Causes and Treatments. They can be used to leaven baked goods, reduce acid and improve moisture retention and tenderness in processed meats. “Sodium Phosphate,” web site;, last accessed Nov. 5, 2013. Is Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Dangerous? Sodium phosphates have many applications in food and for water treatment. 10 Ways to Control Blood Sugar without Medication. These 12 food additives are widely used to enhance the appearance, flavor or shelf life of foods. But the trick is not to get too much of the mineral. Phosphates are among the most common food additives, found in more than 20,000 products in EWG’s Food Scores database. Sodium phosphate is an additive contained in food and beverages, such as sodas, and is also used as a means of purging the large intestine before a colonoscopy 2 3. Foods High in Sodium Nitrite. It’s definitely important to have some phosphate in your diet. Even chicken, for example, this is a food that has been deemed “safe” for dialysis patients to eat, may contain phosphates if the chicken is from a … © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, food manufacturers use TSP as a food additive for a number of reasons, including: 2. Very high levels of phosphorus can even be life-threatening. If you have chronic kidney disease, speak with your doctor about dietary phosphorus intake. People with kidney problems may want to avoid foods containing phosphates, including sodium phosphate, according to the article in "Deutsches Ärzteblatt International." What Are These Tiny Red Spots on My Skin (Petechiae)?

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