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Click on “Report an NTB online” → fill the form and provide as much detail as possible → Submit your complaint. Discrimination"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"8","resolved":"7","allProgress":"1","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":"7.3. Export subsidies"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"12","resolved":"12","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"1.2. Trade Barriers in Africa & the Middle East | Russell V. Blaine | ISBN: 9781600219542 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Border taxes"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"4","resolved":"3","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"6.7. U.S. companies have cited protective tariffs as a barrier to trade in South Africa. We are likely to see trade open up on the continent. Prohibitions"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"13","resolved":"13","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"5.12. A World Bank report reviews the nature and impact of barriers to trade to within Africa, and highlights widespread opportunities for African countries to trade goods, services and investments across borders. Import bans"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"1","resolved":"1","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"1.13. Transport related corruption"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"4","resolved":"4","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"8.5. U.S. companies have cited protective tariffs as a barrier to trade in South Africa. Other"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"20","resolved":"20","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"8.1. documents the existing non-tariff barriers on goods trade in East Africa. 3 December 2020 DDG Agah: Trade key to mitigating impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Africa; 2 December 2020 DDG Wolff pays tribute to James Wolfensohn; 2 December 2020 UK and Switzerland confirm participation in revised government procurement pact; 2 December 2020 “Pressing needs for a breakthrough” in WTO farm trade talks and charges"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"2","resolved":"2","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"2.11. Preference given to domestic bidders\/suppliers"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"1","resolved":"1","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"1.6. The World Bank report says that 'high trade barriers' with neighbouring countries means that trade between the African continent and the rest of the world is freer than continental trade. Despite these high-level commitments, trade barriers continue to affect the free flow of goods and services amongst EAC states. New barriers hinder African trade . PHOTO | AFP . Administrative fees"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"1","resolved":"1","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"6.3. Vehicle standards"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"48","resolved":"43","allProgress":"5","progress30":"0","progress60":"1","progress":"4","ntbName":"8.7. Africa Tears Down Trade Barriers. Issues related to sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"16","resolved":"16","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"5.1. Other barriers to trade often cited include port congestion, technical standards, customs valuation above invoice prices, theft of goods, import permits, antidumping measures, IPR crime, an inefficient bureaucracy, and excessive regulation. One problem is that many countries in Africa don’t have big budgets, which is why they look to China or other countries in Europe where they can get discounted prices or finance options. As African leaders pursue negotiations towards a continental free trade area by 2017, a new report released by the World Bank has noted that African nations are losing out on billions of dollars in potential trade earnings every year because of restrictive barriers to regional trade. Domestic assistance programmes for companies"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"6","resolved":"5","allProgress":"1","progress30":"1","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"1.7. We develop a methodology based on two important criteria - sensitivity in delivery time and value-to-weight ratio – to classify air cargo products. "},, [{"Complaint":{"total":"8","resolved":"4","allProgress":"2","progress30":"1","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":null}},{"Complaint":{"total":"42","resolved":"39","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"1.1. At , you can report any obstacle encountered when trading goods across intra-African borders, for example excessive delays, ad hoc fees at the border, cumbersome document requirements, restrictive product standards and regulations etc. West Africa Trade Hub USAID * English * Français * Português * Home * Competitive Environment o Access to Finance o AGOA o Business o Business Environment o ICT o Transport Infrastructure * P… Lack of coordination between government institutions"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"2","resolved":"2","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"1.15. UNCTAD, AU to remove trade barriers in Africa. Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) refer to restrictions that result from prohibitions, conditions, or specific market requirements that make importation or exportation of products difficult and/or costly. Similarly, World Trade Organization (WTO) and experts opined that cross border trade is a catalyst for growth in countries that are poised to develop. Int. Will we see a relaxation of trade barriers in Africa? Other"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"15","resolved":"11","allProgress":"4","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"4","ntbName":"3. Special supplementary duties"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"7","resolved":"7","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"6.5. There should also be the development and prioritization of legal framework that seeks to eliminate NTBs in the AfCFTA agreement. Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) are among the main obstacles to trade between African countries. Barriers to Trade and Investment in Africa | United States Congress Senate Committee | ISBN: 9781240460977 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Exchange controls"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"7","resolved":"7","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"5.3. Corruption"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"12","resolved":"10","allProgress":"2","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"2","ntbName":"7.4. Navigate; Linked Data; Dashboard; Tools / Extras; Stats; Share . The tool,, will help African governments monitor and eliminate such barriers, which slow the movement of goods and cost importers and exporters in the region billions annually. Costly procedures"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"8","resolved":"7","allProgress":"1","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":"7.5. Issues related to the rules of origin"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"14","resolved":"13","allProgress":"1","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":"2.4. The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), a flagship project of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, will liberalize intra-African trade, eradicate tariffs and synergize existing regional economic communities. African governments should work with stakeholders along the agriculture value chain to harmonise intra-African food trade policies in order to increase trade across borders, a non-profit organization said on Thursday. Sanitary & phyto-sanitary (SPS) measures"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"1","resolved":"1","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"4.1. Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade in the East African Community: Case of Direct and Indirect Road-Transportation Costs through the Northern Corridor | Mugabe, Marcellin | ISBN: 9783846509166 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. See here for some more examples. A country representive will contact you to assist. A series of six regional discussions exploring the reasons for, and solutions to, the main barriers to trade across Africa. Issues related to Pre-Shipment Inspections"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"13","resolved":"13","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"2.14. Restrictive licenses"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"2","resolved":"1","allProgress":"1","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":"5.15. Import licensing"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"1","resolved":"1","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"2.5. Infrastructure (Air, Port, Rail, Road, Border Posts,)"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"17","resolved":"12","allProgress":"5","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"5","ntbName":"8.6. Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) are among the main obstacles to trade between African countries. and other tariff measures"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"70","resolved":"69","allProgress":"1","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":"2.8. The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) has called on African leaders to immediately abolish trade borders to ensure the free movement of goods and services across the continent. Trade Barriers U.S. companies have cited protective tariffs as a barrier to trade in South Africa. Import licensing requirements"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"1","resolved":"1","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"5.6. Export taxes"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"3","resolved":"2","allProgress":"1","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"1","ntbName":"5.4. In addition to non-tariff barriers and the lack of financing, infrastructure problems are majorly hampering intra-African trade. 0. procurement policies"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"15","resolved":"13","allProgress":"2","progress30":"0","progress60":"1","progress":"1","ntbName":"1.8. October 26, 2020. in Business. However, we suggest that if people want to import, let them ensure that some portion of it is done locally, such as the assembly. For example, there is AGOA, the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, the anchor U.S. Africa agreement that allows for duty-free access to the U.S. market. Inadequate\/unreasonable customs proc. Summary. This is partly caused by trade barriers that exist in the destination countries and within the continent. This is a major challenge for African states which are still struggling to make trade between different countries effective. These high trade barriers lead to regional trade fragmentation which deprives the continent of new sources of economic growth, new jobs, and sharply falling poverty, factors which accompanied significant trade integration … High internal or regional trade costs present a major obstacle to firms’ ability … The online mechanism is open to all African business sectors: small, medium and large companies, informal traders, women and youth business operators. Yet the inequality in the global trading regime has had an impact on developing countries. Proportion restrictions of foreign to domestic goods"}},{"Complaint":{"total":"4","resolved":"4","allProgress":"0","progress30":"0","progress60":"0","progress":"0","ntbName":"5.7.

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