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How to build a datepicker with Angular, Bulma and Moment.js (part 1) Giovanni Chiodi. In this case, the angular momentum is derivable from the below expression: → → L = I x ω. I is the rotational inertia. If the basketball has a weight of 0.6000 kg and has a radius of 0.1200 m, what is the angular momentum of this basketball? Run the following commands inside your Angular CLI project to install Moment and it’s corresponding interfaces. Angular offers various pre-defined Date formats, let us check one by one what are the values does the pre-defined date formats emit in Angular 8/9/10? Moreover, angular momentum can also be formulated as the product of the moment of inertia (I) and the angular velocity (ω) of a rotating body. is the symbol for angular momentum, is the moment of inertia, and is the angular velocity. Solution: We can find the angular momentum of the basketball by using the moment of inertia of a sphere that is hollow, and the formula. ... makes it difficult for a torque to change the angular velocity. Angular momentum may be formulated equivalently as the product of I, the moment of inertia, and ω, the angular velocity, of a rotating body or system, or simply Iω. Instead include the